"Tubakuba" cabin built by students at the Bergen School of Architecture in Bergen, Norway.

The building process is documented here.


Martin Kimbell’s phenomenal images are proof that you don’t need fancy equipment to achieve stunning photos.

Using a simple metal ring with LED lights attached, Martin creates these innovative light paintings.

Incredible Light Paintings Created With Surprisingly Simple Rig

via DIY Photography


Do you use Tumblr’s two-factor authentication to keep your account super safe? Now you can get a beautiful logo for it in my favorite secure token app, Authy. If you’re not a 2FA user yet, why not start now?


Even though he only describes it as a hobby, Heinz Maier’s high-speed water drop photography is some of the best we’ve seen.

Using simple white backgrounds and colored liquids, Heinz transforms water into amorphous sculptures.

High-Speed Water Drop Photos Are a Cut Above the Rest

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A 1907 panorama of GE’s facilities in Schenectady, New York.